Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mission #9: Mechbay & After Action Report

Very Nice!  We secured the firebase, with minimal losses, a near perfect mission.

First our losses, the Crusader, Black Knight, and Hatamoto Chi all went down with limb losses.  Furlow is getting them up and running as we speak, they will be ready for our next mission.  The Warhammer is another story.  The XL engine loss will take a little longer to replace.  All our other mechs will be fully repaired for our final push.  That includes the Kraken, our Supply master swapped us some Clan Ultra AC10's for the suits of Clan battle armor we captured.

We did land some sweet salvage thanks to some nice shooting.  Furlow is replacing the head of the Shogun C and will be available for our next mission.  Star Captain Gehrig surrendering left us a fully operational Mad Cat A.  We don't have enough clan salvage to swap it out with another version...but that is OK as the "A" in my opinion is the best one available.  The Loki that you dropped is beyond repair. Furlow can't seem to get the computers working on the Rifleman IIC you took the head off of.

Star Captain Gehrig was very forthcoming with information.  Seems as we were attacking, he got word that the Smoke Jaguars were pulling out of Port Arthur and he was to start evacuating his forces to the Starport.  I'm sure word will come down soon as to our next mission.  

Anyway here is the mechbay...

 As mentioned in the prior post...here is the selection order.
  1. Mitch
  2. Kyle
  3. Jay
  4. Fab
  5. Scott
  6. Larry
  7. Dereck
  8. Lee
  9. Jeff
  10. Gregg
  11. Derek
  12. Dave
Available mechs are:

Mad Cat A, Shogun C

Pretty Sure the next mission will be an assault of a Star Port.  Expect at least a star of Elite Clanners in Assault mechs...oh and probably a Dropship.

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