Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mission #1: After Action Report

Smoke Jaguar Forces
Hermes II HER-2S, Whitworth WTH-1S, Koshi D (Zimmer), Jenner JR7-F, Ostscout OTT-7J
Patton Tank, Galleon Light tank x2, Harasser (Laser variant) x2, Pike support tank (Clan) x2
  Not much of an after action report this time through.  (Forgot to take some pics of the battle.)

Players made short work of the opposition, securing three three objectives.  Key moments of the battle.
1) Players take out the communications tower early.  Discover the range of the Pike Ultra AC2's is almost the whole board.

2) Mechwarrior Hetzer charges the Mech facility alone to take on the Patton tank, his support decided to focus their attention elsewhere. 

3) Mechwarrior Meech jumped into a wooded area and failed his piloting check, damaging his head.

4) Mechwarrior Poe went one on one with Star Commander Zimmer (until the last played turn, where there were 5 or 6 players shooting at Zimmer)

We called it at that point.  The Jaguar Whitworth was mostly undamaged, and there were still the two Pike tanks left.  Plus the players had yet to destroy the Clan HQ.  Players had only lost the Cicada to an XL engine loss.  It was getting late (past midnight) so what follows is the GM taking liberty to finish the game (don't worry you players will like the final result).

The Whitworth and legged Zimmer continue to fight, the Whitworth finishing off both Jeff's and Larry's commando with engine hits.  The Whitworth finally shuts-down due to overheating, and the pilot ejects (Salvageable).  Zimmer is killed, kicked in the head by Poe (Clan salvage details to come).  Hetzer's commando takes a floating crit from an Ultra AC2 to the SRM ammo...Hetzer ejects escaping the blast.
Big Duke in his Stinger is the only mech to remained unscathed, however as he takes point to approach the Clan HQ, two hidden Streak SRM6 turrets pop out of the ground and destroy the Stinger's center torso. (Yeah I took away your commandos and stinger...sure that breaks your hearts.)

Summary: Major Victory for the players. All clan forces destroyed.  No players were lost.  Kill Board, Mech losses and Salvage to come in the next post.


  1. Yeah, I got some action in make believe! Thanks Rob. Thinking about changing my call sign, maybe "Maverick", "Lone Wolf", or "Animal Muthuh". Great game Rob, valuable lessons learned in the starter battle.

  2. Yeah I try to keep the games BV balanced, ok maybe a slight edge to you guys. But with Clan mechs being so expensive BV wise...I got to get rid of those cheap mechs of I can field some good Clan tech. Think you are stuck with Big Duke.