Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Jenner JR7-D

Jenner JR7-D firing from a rooftop.
Smoke Jaguar Dossier


Name: Jenner

Mech Class:Light

Weight: 35 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Designed in 2784, the fact the Jenner was the sole property of the Draconis Combine was a source of pride, however this honor would later be tainted by the 'Mech prominent role in the Kentares Massacre. Even after the destruction of its manufacturer in the early Succession Wars, the Jenner remained a common sight among the regiments of the DCMS. The Jenner's primarily laser armament and phenomenal speed helped to make the the 'Mech  extremely well suited as a guerrilla fighter. The design has a top speed of 118.8 km/h. This mobility is further enhanced by the addition of five Smithson Lifter jump jets, giving the Jenner  a jumping distance of 150 meters. The primary downfall of this 'Mech is also one of its assets: with such a heavy reliance on energy weapons, the Jenner is woefully light in the area of heat sinks.

Armament: The primary weapons system on the Jenner is four Argra 3L Medium Lasers. These provide the Jenner with a powerful close-to-medium range striking capability that does not suffer from a lack of supplies when operating behind enemy lines. The lasers are backed up by a Thunderstroke SRM-4 launcher that can be used after breaching an enemy's armor to try and get a critical strike against vulnerable exposed internal components.

JR7-F - The JR7-F Jenner is a simple upgrade of the JR7-D model by removing the SRM-4 and adding three tons of armor.  This variant increases the survivability of the mech.  Removing the ammo eliminates the potential ammo storage hit, or explosion due to overheating.  The Extra armor makes this Jenner one of the most durable Light mechs in the inner sphere.

Captain Nash's Mission #1 Analysis:  
The Jenner is a well known Kurita mech.  With Port Arthur being deep in Kurita space, logic would tell us that many Jenners were captured by Clan Smoke Jaguar.  Clan Mechwarriors would scoff at piloting an Inner Sphere mech.  However when a Clan mechwarrior is past what they consider their prime many are assigned to Solahma units. A solahma unit is a unit made up of old or dying Clan warriors, usually used as shock troops. In this way, the aging warriors can serve their Clan to the bitter end, dying in combat - a death considered far more appropriate and honorable than dying in bed.  Figure there is a good chance that any Solahma unit you may encounter should have a Jenner or two in them.  

Tech Readout:

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