Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Patton Main Battle Tank

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Vehicle

Name: Patton Main Battle Tank

Vehicle Type: Tracked

Weight: 65 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Designed concurrently with the Rommel Main Battle Tank, Defiance Industries decided that a vehicle to replace 'Mechs was needed in the early 3000s. Since 'Mech production was nearly at a standstill, the ability to produce and field armored vehicles became a necessity no Successor State could ignore.

The strength of the Patton is shown in its great urban warfare abilities. A Patton may lie in wait down an alley or other concealment, then use its devastating armament to cripple or destroy a 'Mech. The main advantage the Patton has over other, older designs is a combination of higher speed and more armor. With even more armor than a Demolisher tank, the Patton can take more punishment, yet slip away faster to fight again from another position.

The Patton uses a single Defiance Killer Type T Autocannon/10 as its main armament. While not able to as easily cripple light and medium 'Mechs as the Rommel's AC/20, combined with a Coventry Five-Tube LRM-5, the AC/10's longer range allows it to strike and keep enemies at a distance while retreating to another position. To counter attacking infantry, the Patton is equipped with both a turret mounted Defiance ASL Small Laser and a front mounted HotShot Flamer.  With 14 Tons of standard Armor, this Tank has more armor than many Assault class Battlemechs.  Some recent upgraded variants have been seen with an Ultra Autocannon/10 class weapon.

Captain Nash's Mission #1 Analysis:  Pre-invasion data shows there are a significant number of the Inner Sphere made Pattons and Rommels on Port Arthur.  Exclusively in bondsmen or Solahma units.  They are primarily serving garrison duty or city defense assignments.  The Patton is a threat to any Medium or Light mech.  It's strength is in the amount of armor it has, it can take a pounding and remain in the fight.  It's weakness, it lacks a significant backup weapon system. Disable the AC10 and it becomes a slow moving LRM5 turret.  If there is a Patton or two defending one of the objectives here are my suggestions.

1) Swarm the tank, the AC10 can only hit one of you, don't try to take this tank on alone.  The AC10 can punch through almost all our current Mechs armor with a single round.  Lets hope the Jags don't have the upgraded Ultra variant.
2) Focus SRM fire on it's side armor. Vehicles have shown a weakness to SRM attacks from the side, the Patton is no exception.

Tech Readout:

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