Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mission #1: Recon Photos

Troops here are the images the probe captured when passing over our targets.

Forgive the fuzziness, the probe was moving at a high rate of speed.  This shot shows all of our targets, the Comm tower in the lower right, the walled in mech facility in the middle right edge, and the HQ in the upper left.  You will be attacking from the area near the roadway on the lower left.

Here is the Comm tower, should be the easiest of the three targets.  Remember it must be the first target taken out, otherwise the Clanners might get a message out.

Target #2, the Mech yard.  Note the two automated defensive turrets, not sure what they are armed with...lasers or autocannons.  Also note of the two prepared tank positions.  Expect some armor to be defending this position.

Finally the HQ is the center building.  Note the two Pike support tanks scrambling to take out the probe...Which they did in short order.  Figure the Jags will have their guard up.



  1. Just frakin great!

    I re-upped expecting some nice garrison duty, maybe a fight or two... Instead we get some behind enemy lines commando crap vs the clan no less.

    How do I get out of this chickenshit outfit anyway?

  2. Follow up to the recon photos.

    Turrets tend to be lightly armored and easier to take out than vehicles. So if your wondering weather to shoot at a tank or a turret...chances are you will drop the turret with one volley.

  3. My suggestion for this op is to break up into 3 elements two recon lances and a pursuit element. We begin the mission as two over sized lances. Alpha lance and Bravo lance would each include 1 mech designated as part of the pursuit element. The pursuit element's job would be to run down any fast movers. They might also be tasked to do a high speed recon sweep of one of the flanks depending on how the enemy responds to our incursion. In either case their job would be to stay with the main force unless something happened, but they would be pre-designated so as to kill any time spent on deciding who has that role in the heat of battle, and everyone doesn't peel off an objective to chase a runner. The Cicada is a natural for this role, I think the second mech for this role should be either the Clint or the Stinger.

    Alpha lance should advance up the main road west of the tower, with Bravo lance on the flank east of the tower. Both lances should make good time to the tower and everyone should shoot lightly at the building and tower. We want everyone to fire to knock the thing down quickly, but we don't want to have any one unit building too much heat this early in the op. 10 Mechs shooting 1 or 2 energy weapons or MGs should get the job done. Save the missiles and the heat for the mechs and tanks.

    We should then enter the mech compound. Alpha lance should concentrate on the defense towers first, with Bravo starting in on the vehicles. at this point if we haven't had to deploy the pursuit element, when we knock down the resistance at the mech facility, we should deploy them to do a sweep north and east looping around to the back of the headquarters to see if there are any patrols out there that will muck up the assault on the headquarters. The rest of Alpha and Bravo lances should advance and destroy the headquarters and any remaining resistance.