Thursday, January 20, 2011

C3 systems, Anti-Missile Systems, TAG and other assorted rules.

Refresher on a couple of the newer rules that will be in play for the next mission.

C3 Systems
 Network of computers in a lance of mechs that allow each member of the lance to use the targeting data from the other members of that lance.  A C3 lance consists of one C3 Master and three C3 Slaves.

So long as the C3 Master is functioning, the network will share data.  Letting lancemates use targeting ranges from any mech in their lance.  You still have to follow a given weapon systems max and minimum ranges, but it can be quite beneficial.  Loss of a C3Slave removed that mech from the network.  Loss of the C3Master drops the network entirely.

ECM systems can disrupt the C3 network.  Any C3 unit within the effected area (12") of an ECM equipped enemy vehicle/mech has lost contact with the network and the C3 is treated as if destroyed until it leaves the effected area.

Example:  Mitch moves his Venom  that has a C3Slave into base to base with a Jaguar Mad Cat.  Jeff who has a Komodo with a C3Master is 18" away from that same Mad Cat.  Jeff wishes to shoot his 8 Medium lasers at the Mad Cat, rather than using the 18" (Long) range numbers he can use the 0" (Short) range to hit.  The C3Network in this case just took 4 off the number Jeff needed to hit.

Anti-Missile Systems
Aka AMS.  Work a little different than I remember.  When a unit with an AMS is hit by missile fire, the mechwarrior will assign the AMS to the volley of missiles he wishes try to shoot down.  That volley will take 4 away from the die roll of "how many missiles" hit.  The mechwarrior must assign his AMS before the How many missiles hit roll is made.  The AMS may only be used once per turn.  The AMS has a firing arc based upon the location it is mounted (So most will not cover the rear).  If a unit has multiple AMS, the mechwarrior may choose to stack both on one volley if they wish.  The AMS will never reduce the die roll below 2, so you will always take some damage from the incoming missiles.  (Like this guy...)
Rocket Probe Gif - Rocket Probe

AMS has 12 rounds of ammo, and marks one off every time it fires.  An ammo hit on AMS ammo does 2 damage per remaining ammo in the bin.

Had to Nerf the change I made to the TAG Rules.  In order to mark a target for all other units to ignore the movement modifier, you must have the Sensor Skill.  Every level of Sensor skill after the first will improve your chances to paint the target by 1.  So if you take all 4 levels of Sensor skills, you will be at a -3 to hit with the TAG.  The C3Master has a built in TAG system as well.  Funny thing, Clanners all have the Sensor skill as part of their basic training.

Change to the Mechwarrior Skills 
I made a slight change to the Mechwarrior skills.  If you take one of the weight class skills, meaning "Light mech"  All physical attacks you make in a mech of that weight class will be at -1 to hit.  Not sure this ever came up before.  Yes this will stack with any close combat skill you may take.  So Brawling and Light mech skills together would give you a -2 to punch if you were in a light mech.

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