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Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Hellbringer (Loki)

Smoke Jaguar Dossier 

Type: Battlemech

Name: Hellbringer (Loki)

Mech Class: Heavy

Weight: 65 Tons

Tech Base: Clan (Omni)

The Hellbringer is a very widespread design developed by Clan Hell's Horses. However, due to its poor armor, the Hellbringer is often passed over for more robust OmniMechs. The Inner Sphere first encountered the Hellbringer facing Clan Jade Falcon, which favors the design for its immense offensive potential. Earning the codename Loki by Galen Cox, an AFFC officer who declared each of the Hellbringer's various versions as an "utterly mad configuration", the 'Mech does at first glance appear to be highly unusual, mounting a spread of weapons, anti-personnel equipment and electronics. The Hellbringer utilizes a standard internal structure, and has decent mobility, with a top speed of 86.4 km/h. Though it has vast firepower at its disposal, the design is not particularly durable, mounting a mere eight tons of Standard armor, and the Hellbringer is not particularly suitable for defensive situations or extended engagements.

In the aftermath of the Battle of Tokasha and the loss of Tokasha Mechworks, the Hell's Horses began developing several OmniMechs. Only the Hellbringer met with success. Development time for the Hellbringer was reduced through the use of moulds used in the Summoner. Despite the poor armor, the Hellbringer devotes almost 43% of its mass to pods, allowing for great offensive potential. The design spread quickly after its introduction for two reasons: the Horses promptly lost the primary production facility, and used their remaining production to curry favor with other Clans through trade and gifts.

Though the sheer amount of equipment is greatly confusing, comparing the 'Mech to those at the time of the Exodus, the Hellbringer Prime bears similarities in design and appearance to the classic Warhammer. The primary weapons are indeed a pair of ER PPCs. As the Hellbringer draws closer to its target, it can bring its smaller and less heat-intensive short-range weapons to bear on the target, with three ER Medium Lasers and a Streak SRM-6 missile rack. The 'Mech is more than capable of handling infantry, with a pair of Machine Guns, and two Anti-Personnel Pods on each leg. An advanced Targeting Computer gives the energy weapons lethal accuracy, and an Active Probe and ECM Suite help to minimize any tactical advantage the enemy may have. To help increase battle longevity, the Hellbringer also carries an Anti-Missile System.

* Alt. Config. A - The Hellbringer A, though apparently a long-range configuration, does have some unusual equipment. A set of two ER Large Lasers and an Ultra AC/5 serve as primary weapons, and are supported by a LRM-20 rack. The 'Mech also carries a Narc Missile Beacon to increase missile accuracy, probably intended for nearby fire-support units. At close ranges, the 'Mech can defend itself with an ER Medium Laser and also has two Machine Guns and an Active Probe for point defense.

* Alt. Config. B - With a high damage profile at long and short range, the Hellbringer B does not utilize energy weapons as much, and so has few issues with heat buildup. A powerful Gauss Rifle and LB 5-X AC allow the 'Mech to ravage both armor and critical systems, with the Gauss Rifle's powerful slug and the LB 5-X's fragmenting shot. At closer ranges, the 'Mech has two SRM-6 racks slaved to Artemis IV fire control systems for greater accuracy, with an ER Small Laser as a backup weapon.

Captain Nash's Analysis: Where the clan designers excelled with the Vulture they fell short with the Loki.  It was as if they tried to cram too much into one chassis and in the end to make everything fit sacrificed the armor.  Don't get me wrong, all the variants can dish out damage, they just can't take it very well.  Watch out for the ECM this mech carries, it can wreck havok with our C3 lance.

Tech Readout: http://www.solaris7.com/TRO/HTMLBattleMech/BattlemechInfo.asp?ID=666

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