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Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Demolisher Heavy Tank

Smoke Jaguar Dossier 

Type: Vehicle

Name: Demolisher Heavy Tank

Vehicle Type: Tracked

Weight: 80 Tons

Tech Base: Inner Sphere

Tall, squat, and using four treads, the Demolisher has a well-earned, though sometimes exaggerated, reputation as one of the most deadly vehicles on the battlefield. Designed to counteract the increasing scarcity of 'Mechs during the Succession Wars, the Demolisher became popular, especially on worlds where BattleMechs were not available.

Aldis designed the Demolisher to be able to destroy any 'Mech, which was what appealed to the customers. The initial run was well-received, with hundreds of Demolishers being bought by 'Mech-deficient planets.

The Demolisher is armed with two 185 mm ChemJet Gun AC/20s, which are enough to make any other unit, 'Mechs included, pause. The relatively short range of the guns means that maneuverable units with long-range weaponry can confound the Demolisher. The tank also lacks any form of secondary weapons, which may be detrimental when the massive cannons run dry.


* Demolisher (Clan) - Developed by the Clans, this variant carries twin LB 20-X ACs as its main armament. Mounted coaxially with these huge autocannon are a pair of Medium Pulse Lasers. Six Machine Guns scattered across the front and side arcs protect it from infantry. Like most Clan vehicles, the Clan Demolisher carries CASE to protect the ammunition bay. 

* Demolisher (Gauss) - This version of the Demolisher swaps the AC/20's for twin Gauss Rifles and a pair of Medium Lasers. It also adds some armor protection.

* Demolisher (MRM) - Developed during the Clan Invasion this variant can launch almost one hundred missiles at an enemy thanks to its three MRM-30 launchers. A C3 Slave allows it to take advantage of targeting data provided by other units.

Captain Nash's Analysis:  Might just be the scariest tank ever created. The short range of it's weapons are it's true weakness of the main version.  Don't get close to this one unless your feeling lucky.  The Gauss version is pretty rare, but Kurita did have some on Port Arthur before it was taken.  Pray, the Jaguars haven't upgraded any of these to the clan variant...two LB20X's will wreck just about anyone.  Doubt the Jags have the MRM version as that is a new tech that was developed, and deployed outside of their occupation zone. 

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