Friday, September 3, 2010

Kill board and what counts as a kill?

What counts as kill?  Where kills are what determine your advancement I'll try my best to explain it.

A mech is considered a mission kill if...
It takes a third engine hit
It takes a second gyro hit
It loses it's 3rd limb
It loses the last internal structure point of the head
It loses the last internal structure point of the center torso.
It's cockpit is destroyed
It is immobile and has no weapons that it can fire.
The mechwarrior punches out.

A vehicle counts as a mission kill if...
It is immobile and can't fire any weapons...
Any one of the numerous critical hits that say "Tank destroyed"
The last internal structure point is removed from the hull or the turret.

Battle Armor counts as a mission kill...
When the last trooper is killed.

I have no intention of using infantry so don't worry about them.

Is a light tank the same as killing an Assault mech? is the kill value chart.

Mech = 1 kill
Assault Tank = 1 kill
Heavy tank = 3/4 kill
Medium Tank = 1/2 kill
Light tank = 1/4 kill
Battle Armor = 1/2 kill

It is not necessarily the kill shot that I award the kill to (although most of the time I do).  I will at times award bonus kills for mission completion or good role play or being aggressive or just having rotten dice.  Kills will be awarded in the after action reports.

This post might get some of you thinking about what is salvageable?....We will cover that in another post.

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