Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mission Briefing: Mission #1

Pike Support Tank - 3026 version
MISSION 1: Secure a foothold

Mission Objectives:
+ Destroy the Communications Tower at point Alpha
+ Secure the Mech repair gantry at point Beta
+ Destroy the HQ and forces at point Gamma

Mission Briefing:

Good news and bad news.  Bad news first.  Dropship is in rough shape boys, She isn’t space, much less air worthy, we can open the mechbay doors and that’s about it.  Comms are down as well, so we are probably considered MIA to the regimental HQ.   Consider this your home for a while.  We are rather limited on ammo and replacement parts and weapons.  Try and keep your mechs upright until we can secure a better foothold on our surroundings.

Master Technician Lucy Furlow
Good News, we have one of the best Techs in the regiment with us, Lucy Furlow.  The decision to spread the Techies across the invasion force will help us in the long run.  We may not have the parts, but when we do…She can get just about any mech up and running.  Lucy even has some experience with Clan tech.

  Also even though we are the only Inner Sphere unit in the southern hemisphere, it doesn’t seem that the Smoke Jags are coming for us.  Seems they are either too busy with the rest of the regiment up north, or they are saving their forces for a bigger push, or if we are really lucky they don’t know we are here.

  Our first goal is to secure a foot hold in the area within 50 kilometers of the Dropship.  I sent up an unmanned probe to get a lay of the land.  Seems we are not alone in this part of Port Arthur.  Probe picked up both Jaguar Mech and Vehicle forces in our immediate area.  We have three objectives for this mission.

1)     Take out the Communications Tower at point Alpha.  We are without comms, may as well return the favor to Jags.  Will keep them from reporting our presence, and requesting support.  This must be the first objective, taking the others objectives first risks the Jags getting a message off. 

2)      Secure the repair facility.  Looks like an old Kurita Mechyard that has been abandon or in limited use by the Jags.  We can make minor repairs in the dropship, having a working mech gantry would be extremely helpful. 

3)      Destroy the HQ and any enemy forces.    Also a considerable amount of tracked vehicle tracks were in the area about these buildings.  With the improved tank positions, I believe that this is a minor Smoke Jag military facility.  This force and HQ is our primary threat and must be eliminated. 

Expected Jaguar forces:
The probe picked up no fewer than four distinct Mech chassis tracks in the area.  Believe all are light mechs.  Figure there are at least a lance of combat vehicles in the area too.  The probe spotted two tanks at the HQ location.  These are Pike Support Vehicles, with some sort of modified turret and weaponry.  They seem to have five barrels rather than the normal three, might be a clan upgrade.  Finally expect some turret defenses as well about the repair facility.

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