Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Battletech background and timeline upto Operation Bulldog.

Here is a little timeline and background to the upcoming campaign.

Those that played in the last B-Tech campaign...that took place in 3067...this one is in 3059 so not all the tech or mechs will be available.  No Heavy Gauss rifles, no Rotary AC's...

Background:  There are 5 major houses that control the inner sphere (the explored galaxy).

House Steiner (Germans/Russians)
House Davion (British/French)
House Kurita (Japan)
House Liao (China)
House Marik (USA)

There is also Comstar, who for all purposes of this campaign will have no impact.  But they are the ones that keep communications going between worlds.

Anyway, the Houses once (long ago) belonged to a Star League, kinda like the UN.  Anyway there was a lot of infighting in the star league, the overall commander of the star league military (General Alexander Kerensky) saw where things were heading and rather than see is Star League forces being split among the houses and fight each other...He packed them all up and headed out to unexplored space.  With the Star League forces out of the way the Houses quickly turned on each other and many succession wars took place.

In 3028 House Steiner and House Davion merged with the marriage of their two leaders.  Lots more changing hands.

3049...Return of Kerensky also known as the Clans.    The Clans invade the inner sphere with their Goal being to reclaim Terra and reestablish the Star League and stop the needless house fighting.  They have better technology and better trained mechwarriors.  Anyway they are rolling over the innersphere when Comstar steps up and challenges the Clans to a winner take all battle. 

3052...Rather than risk warfare on Terra (Earth) they use the proxy world of Tukayyid.  If the clans win, Comstar gives them Earth, and shuts down all communication for the houses throughout the innersphere.  If Comstar wins, the clans halt their invasion for 15 years.  Each Clan had to capture two cities on Tukayyid, Clan Wolf took their two, Ghost Bear and Jade Falcons took one each, the rest of the clans failed to capture even one city.  Comstar won, and the clans kept halted their advance...and dug in to the worlds they owned.

3058...The Houses come together and form a new Star League.  Well one of the Clans (Nova Cat) kind of follow the old Native American ways, lots of vision quests and influenced greatly by dreams.  Well the Nova Cat Khan happened to have a dream of a Dragon standing on the corpse of a Smoke Jaguar the night before he heard of the newly formed Star League.  He took this as a sign that their invasion was needless and their goals of reforming the Star League was complete.  Clan Nova Cat sent messages to the new Star League stating they wished to join.  This opened the door for the Innersphere Counter attack.  Almost a third of the worlds in the Clan Smoke Jaguar occupation area were controlled by Clan Nova Cat forces.  To legitimize the Star League to all the people of the inner sphere the leaders decided an example must be made and one clan must be totally destroyed...their target was Clan Smoke Jaguar.

This is where you guys come in.

You are mechwarriors in the 1st Davion Guards (The Strength of Alexander), 7th Company.  Your primary duties are Recon, Pursuit (read as mop up / chasing down fleeing mechs after a battle), and Garrison.  The 1st Davion Guards (4 Regiments strong) are to take the Port Arthur system from the Smoke Jaguars.  Preliminary recon shows light defenses, mostly second line units.

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