Monday, August 30, 2010

Planetfall (Campaign Background)

Captain's Log,  May 5th, 3059, Captain Thomas Nash of the Union Class dropship "Lone Wolf" reporting.

Location: Port Arthur, Southern Hemisphere.  

Southern Hemisphere, as in the wrong hemisphere.  The old adage "No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy" held true today.  Port Arthur was to be lightly defended...if that was light I would hate to see moderately.  The Jags aerospace forces were swarming all over us during the drop.  On board is the 1st Davion Guards, 7th company, the light recon / pursuit unit for the Guards.  Should call them the lucky 7th after today.  We were to set down in the center of the secured area of the first wave, in the northern hemisphere.

That all went to pot when some hot shot Jag areospace pilot took it on themselves to challenge a Union class dropship, himself.  Well to be honest he was one of the best Aerojocks I've ever seen.  He took out our two areospace escorts with little trouble.  His fighter was taking a pounding, and just before our PPC took him out, he launched a volley that took out engine #4.  It is well know how vulnerable Union classes are to engine failure during planet fall.  The crew did their best to compensate for the loss, but we acted more like a deflating balloon than a descending dropship.  I'm betting regimental command believes we burnt up upon reentry, or crashed so hard there were no survivors.  We came down in a heavily wooded section of the southern hemisphere, and I mean heavily, like giant redwoods.  These things are almost as tall as the dropship.  We didn't knock too many down on our way in, and the dropship is mostly screened by them, camo for the dropship...didn't learn that at the academy.  Comm systems are out, as is the emergency beacons and their backups.  Perimeter is secure, the nine members of the 7th that survived the crash, did a great job.  Still looking into what Jag forces were supposed to be in our area.

I'm not expecting a rescue party any time, Seems like there were many more Smoke Jags on planet than early recon reports showed.  Looks like we are on our own.

Nash out.


  1. Personal Log May 6th 3059. Skip dropped us in some woods a few thousand kilometers from the mission LZ. Came up with the story about some hotshot aero jock, personally I think he dipped into the Jaeger again. Either that or he has some scheme to gather up some C-Bills or some glory, and either way it's fine by me. Landing could have been a bit softer, but the Vulcan made the landing in good shape, and we got nobody between us and the Jags. We are all set for an old fashioned ass kicking.

    Jensen Blayloc callsign: "Viper"

  2. Personal Log May 7th 3069

    Slow roasted crap on a heat sink we are six flavors of screwed.

    I was way to short for this, should have just rode out my time in garrison, got some sweet gig running an agri mech or a harvester for some corp on some colonial backwater.

    But then I get suckered in by some sweet talking career planner offering me a huge reenlistment bonus and talking about getting "payback" to the clans if I sign back up.

    Truth be told, I don't know enough about the clans to hate them. Ya, they been kicking some ass, but its no different than what we do to one another. Well, other than that they are a lot better at it.

    Should be interesting thou, as thou the clans skill and technical advantage were not enough a single aerospace fighter poached our drop. Now we are out of coms, out of support range and chit out of luck. Oh! and we are in Jurassic fraking park, as well, I am expecting some 8 story dinosaur to gobble up a mech here before we leave.

    Just fraking lovely...

    At least Lucy seams to be coming around to my attentions, its gone from "Get away from me dirt bag" to "I don't usually date mechjocks",
    Oh ya, its gonna happen, she is much cuter than that sailor girl I been rolling around with from ordinance.

    Assuming I survive whatever it is the brass is cooking up, they are scurrying about with the intel guys looking like they just shagged a cat and got away with it... That's never a good sign.

    Gymm Bywater callsign: "Poe"

  3. Personal Log May 7th 3059

    So Poe has been his usual cheerful self, although he kept talking about getting cozy with some chick named Lucy.. I had heard we had a tech by that name, and went down to check her out.. Turns out She is a He, and not a good looking one either, even if you swing that way..

    So someplace on this dropship there are at least two girls who I don't know, who are desparate enough to hang with Mr. Onery.. I guess I'll check Ordinance..

    Jensen Blayloc callsign: "Viper"

  4. Quit yer bitchin', if it was easy anyone could do it. Let's get to it.

    There's some great wave action at Port Arthur, and SMOKEY DON'T SURF!

    Bill Kilgore callsign: "Big Duke 6"