Thursday, September 2, 2010

Smoke Jaguar Dossier: Star Commander Zimmer

Smoke Jaguar Dossier

Type: Military Personnel

Name: Zimmer

Rank:  Star Commander (Former Star Colonel)

Last know location: Port Arthur

  Star Commander Zimmer is an anomaly for the Jaguar forces in the Inner sphere.  Normally a Jaguar warrior of his years would have been shipped back to their homeworld of Huntress to train sibkos of future Jaguar warriors.  We are unsure as to why Zimmer is still on the front lines.
Man O War Prime
 Once a Star Colonel, age may finally be catching up to Zimmer.  His last known action was on Luthien the Draconis Combine capital.  His cluster was engaged with some 1st Sword of the Light Kurita forces.  The Star Colonel had exhausted the ammo in his Man O’ War prime.  He was driven to the point of rage after watching one Combine mech eliminate no fewer than three of his Command Star with Gauss Rifle shots to their heads.  The Tai-i(Captain) Pedro Martinez  of the 1st Sword of the Light was the mechwarrior who had dispatched the three clan warriors.
Dragon Fire DRG-3F

  Star Colonel Zimmer charged at the 75 ton Dragon Fire piloted by Martinez.  Martinez easily side stepped the Man O’ War, letting the 80 ton Clan machine stumble and fall on its face.  Jaguar forces had followed the charging Zimmer, thinking he was challenging what they thought was the best mechwarrior on the field that day.  But when they saw he had attempted physical combat, the Star Colonel lost most of his remaining respect from the other Jaguar warriors. 

  He was demoted two ranks after Luthien to Star Commander.  He is believed to be commanding a star of bondsmen in Inner sphere mechs.  He is most likely assigned to garrisoning minor facilities, until he can be shipped back to Huntress.

  From Battle reports from both Tukayyyid and Luthien, Star Commander Zimmer favors light Autocannons, and tends to engage from long range.  The range of the clan weapons keep him out of reach from return fire from most of his opponents.                


  1. Oh yes I did!

    To add a little bit of character to the campaign. Rather than just having the nameless clan warriors challenging you guys to duals. I figured I would give them all names and faces.

    Yes, the Smoke Jag warriors you will be facing will all be named after New York Yankee players and coaches. Will make it easier on me to remember "Jeter in the Mad Cat has challenged Fabby".

  2. Personal Log May 7th, 3059

    Skip shipped out the first mission brief and dossier on the first expected resistance. You wouldn't believe it, we are facing Zimmer. years ago that would have been something to fear, but who knows now, he dropped of the grid after getting owned by Kurita a while back. They played that vid on every news channel over and over.. Hmm. Strange verse.

    Jensen Blayloc callsign: "Viper"

  3. I may have to become a 'conscientious objecter'... Sgt. York type.