Wednesday, September 1, 2010

After session, Mech Selection process.

Now that the mech selection process is done, lets go over the rules for a replacement mech should you want / need one.

After a mission, there will be some salvageable mechs.  Some repairs will need to be made to your mechs.  Most all of the repairs can happen before the next game session.  Engine, Gyro, and Sensor damage will need one extra game session to repair, so you can run with that damage for the next mission and have it repaired for the following game session. 
Maybe some new mechs will be added to the mechbay via resupply from HQ or other sources.

When you select a new mech, your old mech is thrown back in the pool for anyone to have.  So, if you don't want to take that mech with the damaged engine into battle, it goes back into the pool and someone else may take it with a later pick. Once you get out of your mech, it is up for grabs.

You can not bump someone out of the mech they are currently in.  You may only select from the un-manned mechs that are available.

How will we go about assigning new mechs fairly?  Here is the pecking order, if stilled tied, move to the next one down the list..

1) Dead Mechwarrior.  Hey it happens, your mechwarrior will die.  And a new mechjock will take their place, they get 1st pick.  Notice I didn't say Mechwarrior who lost their mech, there is a difference.  Also notice I didn't say new player to the campaign...they will follow the tiebreakers like the rest of you.

2) # of kills, The mechwarrior with the higher kill total gets the next selection.

3) # of game sessions played, Who ever has been to more of the games will get the next pick.

(EDIT) 4) Lowest Tonnage of your current mech, meaning who ever has the smallest mech gets to choose first.

5) # of kills in last mission.

6) Next Birthday....If you are still tied after all that, mech selection falls to the player with the next birthday.

(Edit) From time to time you will lose your mech in the game.  Sometimes this happens really early in the game session.  I always have more than enough stuff to push.  If you are willing to honestly help push the Jaguars with me, you will be rewarded.  For every player mech that you kill playing as a Jaguar, you jump up one place on the mech selection process.  So if you were to pick 5th and you take out 2 player mechs you will now pick 3rd.

That's all for now.

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