Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mission #4: Killboard, Salvage, Mechbay and Roster

First up the Killboard. This is it set in stone, don't like it too bad.  Kills are awarded for bold actions, doing or saying something that makes most or everyone in the room laugh, and whenever I feel like it.  Anyways here it is for Mission #4.

Next up are the Mech losses.  Players lost a Wyvern.  The Raven was also scrapped due to Furlow not being able to repair all the high tech items with the loss of the head.  At the request of HQ the Raven scrap and the Howler battlemech were sent back.  Not all bad news, I was able to get them to shop a 150 rated standard fusion engine, that gets us the Firefly C up and running. 

We were sent a batch of replacement mechs as well.  Lots of new Steiner mechs.  When they said all the houses would be throwing their full production capabilities behind this invasion, they weren't kidding.   They sent us a Hollander, StarSlayer, Bushwacker and Nightsky.

 New look of the Mech Bays with all the changes.

  Mechwarrior Roster after mission #3

Jeff, Josh, Scott and Jay will need to pick their skill from the mechwarrior skill list.  They also need to choose with they want to spend the 5 kills to improve their piloting or wait til they have 10 kills to improve their gunnery.

Rules for Mechwarriors killed in the game.  Your "new" mechwarrior will start with 5 fewer kills than the guy that just died (with a minimum of 0).  All your actions up to the point of your death will be counted in your kill total.  So Poe got the kill for the Spider added to his kill total before croakin'. 

Here is the mech selection order for mission #4 (Corrected)

Jay (Dead Mechwarrior Rule)
Scott (more games tiebreaker)
Fab (more games tiebreaker)

Finally the Clan salvage board.  Got quite a few good mechs just missing a n item or two.

That's all for now...

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  1. I like the way the killboard lines up "Baboon" next to Larry's name. Heh heh heh.