Monday, December 13, 2010

Nova Cat Dossier: Port Arthur forces

Just was sent the info on the Nova Cat forces that are on Port Arthur.  Good news is that there are only five of them.  Bad news....well I'll let you read it.

Star Colonel Kachotay
Ranking Nova Cat on Port Arthur.  Ancient by normal Clan standards, Clan Nova Cat values it's elders.  This means he has much more experience than your typical Clan warrior.  With the rank of Star Colonel, you have to figure he will be the best mechwarrior you have seen to date.  To make it even worse, he pilots a Supernova.  Clan Assault mech with six ER Large Lasers.

Star Captain Costner
Second in Command of Nova Cat forces.  He distinguished himself back on the Clan homeworlds in a raid against Clan Wolf.  He was said to dance his Mad Cat among the Clan Wolf mechs dropping an entire star by himself.  Unsure which variant he will be bringing to the battle, as he is capable with any of them.

Mechwarrior Hayek
Not much data on her.  Pilots a Cauldron Born, one of the newer clan designs.  Tends to favor the D variant of this beast.  Be careful with the Twin Ultra AC10's that the D supports, they can be quite distracting.

Mechwarrior Chavez
 Freebirth Bondsman Mechwarrior.  Was running with a bunch of bandits on the periphery who called themselves "The Regulators" when he was captured and taken as a Bondsman by Kachotay.  He has proven himself a valuable warrior in Kachotay's command star.  Pilots a Nova prime. 

Mechwarrior Lopez
Recently assigned to Kachotay's command star, Lopez just arrived on Port Arthur.  Pilots a Peregrine battlemech, which we all know can be quite dangerous.  Most likely acts as a scout for the command star.   

Don't have all the details yet.  Seems command wants us to duel these Nova Cats using their rules.  Reward for us will be a clan mech if we win enough of the duels.  Not sure yet on the matching or where the battles will take place.  I'll let you know more when I have the info.


  1. I am new to this part of this campaign but Lopez keeps sending me pics of her in her underwear...

    I should have come south earlier.

  2. Funny that...

    She keeps sending me her underwear.

    Nash. ;)

  3. Y'all can fight over Lopez, I will be busy making nice to Hayek... MMM. Nice D variant..