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Nova Cat Dossier: Nova (Black Hawk)

 Nova Cat Dossier 

Type: Battlemech

Name: Nova (Black Hawk)

Mech Class: Medium

Weight: 50 Tons

Tech Base: Clan Omnimech

The Nova is a versatile medium OmniMech that is capable of acting as a workhorse design in most forces. In fact, the design is so well balanced that it inspired the creation of the Black Hawk-KU, an Inner Sphere design based on the Nova and named using the Inner Sphere code name for this 'Mech: Black Hawk.

However, the number of Novas has been diminishing, because the design has not been in production since 2921. Designed as an early OmniMech by Clan Hell's Horses, the Nova was produced at the famous Tokasha Mechworks beginning in 2870. At the time of its introduction, the Nova was designed for infantry support, and was the first OmniMech designed with hardpoints allowing elementals to easily mount and dismount the chassis. However, after Tokasha was taken by Clan Ghost Bear during the Battle of Tokasha, production of the Nova ceased. Since 2921, every Clan has acquired Nova OmniMechs as isorla.

Equipped with a 250 XL Model SF-2 Fusion Engine, the Nova has a ground speed of 86.4 km/h that allows it to keep up with most heavy and assault 'Mechs while being outpaced by most lighter 'Mechs. However, the Nova remains very maneuverable through the use of five jump jets, allowing the Nova to jump up to 150 meters. The fourteen double heat sinks that the Nova mounts are barely sufficient to handle its heavy heat load of its variants. The Nova is also protected by ten tons of armor, providing the 'Mech with ninety-six percent of its maximum armor protection.

In its primary configuration the Nova is a devastating close combat 'Mech and battle armor killer that is capable of delivering a powerful barrage with its twelve ER Medium Lasers. To help it use these as effectively as possible, the Nova has added four more double heat sinks bringing the total up to eighteen. Even with the added double heat sinks, the Nova prime is capable of producing almost twice as much heat as it can dissipate.

* Alt. Config. A - A long range sniper configuration, the Nova A has a pair of powerful Clan ER PPCs for long range combat. For protection at close range, the Nova A has a single Medium Pulse Laser and also mounts two Anti-Missile Systems for protection from missile fire.

* Alt. Config. B - Also designed around long range combat, the B configuration carries an Ultra Autocannon/5 which can fire twice as fast as a standard autocannon and a highly accurate Large Pulse Laser as its primary weapons. These are backed up for close combat by an ER Small Laser and, for soft targets, it has two Machine Guns.

* Alt. Config. C - The C configuration of the Nova has a powerful Gauss Rifle as its primary weapon, allowing it to keep enemies at arms reach. For protection at close ranges, the Nova C has a highly accurate Small Pulse Laser.

* Alt. Config. D - Intended as a fire suport 'Mech, the D configuration has an LRM-20 launcher for long range direct and indirect fire support and an LB-X Autocannon/5 that allows it to work as a vehicle hunter and in an anti-aircraft role.

Captain Nash's Mission #5 Analysis: Quite a bit depends upon which variant you are facing with the Nova.  With the Pr'me, keep it at long range if you can and plink away.  The other plan is to wait for the Alpha strike.  Pray for the target of the alpha strike.  Then take care of the overheating / shutdown Nova.

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