Monday, December 13, 2010

Mission 5: Primer

Wardens, Crusaders and Clan Nova Cat

  Within the clans there are two major philosphies styles.  These styles while similar have one fundamental diffence, that may well turn out to be the saving grace of the Inner sphere.

The Crusader philosophy believes that the clans should return to the inner sphere to conquer it in order to save it from itself.  Of the initial invading clans, Jade Falcon, Ghost Bear and Smoke Jaguar followed this belief.  After the clans loss on Tukayyid in 3052, Clan Ghost Bear secretly became believers in the Warden philosophy.

The Wardens believe that they are the guardians of the inner sphere.  There to protect it of external forces and what ever may pose a threat to the Star League.  Only Clan Wolf of the initial four invading clans followed the Warden philosophy.

After the first few waves of the invasion slowed, it was decided that two more clans would be allowed to join the invasion, and assist the Falcons and Jaguars who had much larger borders to worry about than the Bears and Wolves.  The Steel Vipers, a Crusader clan, took over some worlds in the Jade Falcon occupation zone, freeing up troops and resources for the Falcons to continue their advance..

Clan Nova Cat, a Warden Clan, was the other Clan that joined the invasion.  They were given some worlds in the Smoke Jaguar occupation zone to control.  They also were given sections of Smoke Jaguar planets to protect, (HPG's, hospitals, food production facilities, prisions).

With the reformation of the Star League, Clan Nova Cat has followed the Warden philosophy to the extreme.  They believe that the invasion is pointless now that the Star League has been reformed, and that the Invading Clans are the External threat to the inner sphere.

When Operation Bulldog was being planned, Clan Nova Cat "switched" sides.  But just handing over their territories to the Star League was not and option to the honorable clan warriors.  Many systems changed hands after ritual battles, wrestling matches, single mech duels and the like.  One system even changed hands on a coin flip, when the inner sphere commander tossed the coin and the clan warrior called "edge".  When asked later about his choice, the Clan warrior proudly stated..."Just think of the glory if I had won!"

Clan Nova Cat has only one holding on Port Arthur.  It is a Hyper Pulse Generator located in the southern continent.  Command says that a Star Colonel Kachotay of the Nova Cat forces on Port Arthur has been in contact with them.  I don't have all the details as of yet, but it seems he is wanting to face an inner sphere unit in honorable combat.  Where we are the only unit down south you can bet we will be tapped for this.  I'll let you know when I have more info.

Nash out...


  1. Unless we are drawing straws or some such chit I want a shot at putting down the Supernova or that Mad Cat...

    Man up or step aside, cause I am coming through!

    Oh... whats a hyperwhatzit relay anyway?

  2. Good question. HPG's are these large faculties that allow faster than light communication between star systems. Think large satellite dishes with a nuke plant. Essentially they are very expensive and time consuming to rebuild so they are some of the most valuable territory on any world.

    Comstar defends all the ones in the inner sphere, as it is their job to maintain and protect communication through the inner sphere.


  3. So don't shoot at it, gotcha...