Monday, December 13, 2010

Player Dossier: Lymm "Rock" McCullen

1st Davion Guards Dossier

Type: Mechwarrior

Name:  Lymm McCullen

Callsign: Rock

Unit: 1st Davion Guards, 7th Company

Battlemech: Crockett CRK-5003-1

Specialty:  Medium AC, SRMs, PPCs

The Steiner hero of Waco Flats, the Anvil that broke the Jade Falcons back... All of these titles are associated with Lymm, thou he lays little claim to any of them and will often tell people seeking his autograph not to believe all that you see on the news reels.

The battle was played up as a great victory, thou in truth it was a cluster #%@$ from start to finish.  It started off with a good plan to choke the enemy force in three mile wide valley leading out into some desert flats on Coventry.  For whatever reason command had called off the heavy mechs, leaving a reinforced tank battalion and a mix of medium and light mechs to hold the pass.  With the Falcons seeing this pass as the "easy" way through they pushed on it in force.  

Command scrambled and told the remaining elements to pull out, however knowing his tanks would be cut to pieces and unable to outrun the mechs on the open flats so he disobeyed the direct order to pull back and held his ground despite the remaining light and medium mechs pulling back.  The talking heads played it up as a big "feint" but the truth is the clan intercepted the comms and assuming the tanks were under the dust cloud of the retreating mechs went into the valley at speed.  It was a massacre, only 6 of the tanks in the reinforced battalion survived but they did put a severe beating on the enemy, surely not the massacre the Steiner propaganda played it out to be, but when hungry for a win or some hope, artistic license takes over.

Well, the Rock had the unfortunate luck to not only survive the battle and do well, his coms and vid link broadcasts were recovered.  The PR machine went to work, they turned his nickname of "Rock" into something meaning hard, when in truth it was given to him for being stupid.

Initially several of the tank crews abandoned there rides, however there was still enough firepower that the initial clan mechs charging down the valley were cut down in short order, Rock tucked his ride, a upgraded Patton Battletank, with the nomiker name of "Lady Kats Angry Beaver" in behind one of the dropped mechs and managed to get several flank shots and some good cover from the wreck.  Course the PR guys renamed the tank "Kathrine's Furcoat" or something, but they have no sense of humor...

In the chaos of the gun cam it looked like Rock and his crew were destroying every mech they fired on, truth is there was so much firepower being put into that gap that the clan mechs were getting mauled.  Course, clanners being clanners they neither broke nor hesitated and once they got to the line it all went to hell.  However, on a good note the Mech's that had been pulling back, upon realizing that the tanks were holding there ground returned and joined the fray.

With his tank destroyed Rock and his two surviving crew re-manned an abandoned mech and rejoined the fight, only to have that tank destroyed as well, still alive at that point rock then managed to rescue a downed mech warrior who's pod had failed to eject before stealing a chow truck and tear assing across the flats while the clans were regrouping.  The recreations of the battered and bloodied yet ruggedly handsome tank commander pulling the battered and bruised blond female mech warrior free from her wreck were all over the vids before he even got cleaned up. Truth be told she had shoulders like a man and was more stove up then even rock was at that point, but whatever... It helped people sleep better at night.  

The PR had turned a mutual asskicking into a "big win" and used Rock as the posterboy for it.  After that they made Rock do the hand shaking pony show tour they made him a mech warrior, he is alright with that, thou he often admits he misses the squeal and crank of tracks...  While not the legendary hero the propaganda reels make him out to be, he does have a wealth of battlefield experience and with that a cavalier disregard to his own safety or life expectancy making him an asset to any battlefield commander.
Hoping to keep the hero on the front page.  Steiner media managed to get "Rock" reassigned so he would be part of Operation Bulldog.  He was assigned as a reserve Mechwarrior for the 1st  Davion Guards, the Stiener folks thinking it was one of the safer deployments.  He was sent a with a lance of mechs on the condition that he pilot one of them in battle for the holocameras.  Feeling the most like a tank, "Rock" selected the Bushwacker, and has been deployed to replace combat losses with the Lucky 7th, 7th company of the First Davion Guards on Port Arthur.

Addendum:   Rock has swapped out the Buhwacker to be part of the C3 networked lance the 7th now has.  His new ride is a Daikyu DAI-02.

Addendum 2: Having the Daikyu severly damaged, Rock has swapped to a Crockett  

(Written by Poe, Edit by RangerRob)

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